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Centeris: The Right Combination.


Centeris is an international data center and infrastructure provider for mission critical IT and networking systems located in the Seattle area. The Centeris Transpacific Hub®  combines fast and secure connectivity with industrial IT power for businesses operating throughout the U.S. and important Asian markets requiring high performance compute, storage, e-commerce, disaster recovery and cloud computing applications.


Why do we do what we do?

Our mission is clear. At Centeris, every day and everywhere:

  • We appreciate the optimum between simple and effective.
  • We dream of improving the future of the Internet’s architecture.
  • We believe in connecting cultures, economies, and people.
  • We support the most choice to the most customers.
  • We value proximity and balance, at a reasonable cost.

By integrating innovative design with proven energy efficient and environmentally sustainable technologies, Centeris provides abundant reliable power with robust critical infrastructure and efficient data center operations.

Privately held by The Benaroya Company, with facilities in the Northwest including Seattle's South Hill Data Center and Boise, Centeris possesses the operational flexibility coupled with the financial strength to respond to current and future requirements with speed and certainty.

Visit www.benaroya.com to learn more.

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